Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover launches a state-of-the-art exhibition
showcasing the rich heritage and bright future
of the Jaguar Land Rover brands

The exhibition will enable customers and employees of Euro Motors to celebrate
Bahrain Women’s Day, Customers Appreciation Day and Bahrain National Day.

Manama, Bahrain, 28 November 2022: Euro Motors, the exclusive importer and distributor for luxury automotive manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is celebrating Bahrain Women’s Day, Customers Appreciation Day and Bahrain National Day with a bespoke, never-seen-before exhibition in the Jaguar Land Rover Showroom.

The exhibition will mark the beginning of celebrations held at Euro Motors to mark Bahrain Women’s Day on 1st December, Customers’ Appreciation Day on 10th December and Bahrain National Day. The exhibition is a testament to Euro Motors’ dedication and commitment to placing customers at the core of its services and products. It also showcases the company’s appreciation and value to its customers, by hosting events to connect and share experiences with valued consumers.

The exhibitions hosts luxurious artworks that represent the classic, vintage cars, in addition to showcasing the current models. Customers and staff will be able to enjoy and learn more about the history of Jaguar and Land Rover brands. The exhibition will provide a balance between art and cars – in addition to highlighting the history and heritage of these iconic British brands.

The exhibition opened on 19th November and will continue until the end of December 2022.

Euro Motors will also be hosting a Customers Appreciation Day on Saturday 10th December from 8am to 7pm to mark and celebrate Bahrain National Day with customers, giving them exciting prizes, service vouchers and a thrilling artistic experience in the showroom.

Additionally, customers will be invited to conduct on-site vehicle evaluations for their vehicles. Those who conduct on-site vehicle evaluations will be offered complementary branded goods as a token of appreciation for their dedication and loyalty.

To celebrate Bahrain Women’s Day, Euro Motors will be hosting Hanadi Al-Ghanim, a prominent Bahraini artist to share her journey as a successful woman in her field and organise an art workshop for all EuroMotors female employees following the theme “I read – I learnt – I participated” set by the Supreme Council for Women (SCW). Hanadi participated in many exhibitions in Bahrain and the region, with a passion for art since childhood. She will be sharing her experience, challenges, and how she overcame them as a Bahraini woman that achieved her goals and followed her passion.