This pioneering customer service program gained immense popularity in a short period of time, growing into one of the most requested offerings provided by Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover. The convenient nature of the solution upholds one of Jaguar Land Rover Bahrain’s core principle that is placing customers at the focal point of its business at all times.

Mr. Stephen Lay, the General Manager of Euro Motors Land Rover, commented on the success of the new initiative and said: “As anticipated, Service@Home by Jaguar Land Rover Bahrain has been a massive hit. We are certain that the customer-oriented nature of the program is one of the main reasons for its incredible success. From the moment we launched our pioneering initiative we have recorded a significant increase of service bookings and requests. It is the first time in the Kingdom where owners can have their vehicles checked right at their homes or offices without the need of having to step out. We introduced this solution because we care about our customers, we intend to significantly enhance their satisfaction and provide utmost convenience at all times, and based on the feedback we are extremely glad to know that our loyal patrons are greatly benefitting.”

“We have always looked for new ways to encourage owners to treat their vehicles well in order to serve them with the best performance, as regular check-ups can extend their vehicles’ lifespan in the long run. In this regard, through our solution, we aim to highlight the well-placed faith we have in our brands, and the resilience and durability of our vehicles as we fully believe that with the right maintenance and care, they will consistently provide unrivalled performances. We look forward to accommodating many more requests for Service@Home by Jaguar Land Rover Bahrain and we encourage all our customers to make use of this great opportunity,” he added.

With a simple and standard procedure in place to make bookings and payments, Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover has made servicing its customers’ vehicles as easy as possible for the owners. From the first call up until the completion of the check-up, customers will interact with and be tended to by trained specialists who will do everything needed to make the entire experience seamless.

Through this pioneering initiative, customers can opt for either an oil & oil filter service or an oil, oil filter, pollen filter and air filter option. The charges for the available services are nominally priced and vary based on the model of the vehicle. Additionally, owners are offered complimentary electronic vehicle health check and outstanding warranty actions that can take up to 30 minutes as well.

For further information, please visit landroverbahrain.com or jaguar-bahrain.com, or contact the showroom on 17 460 460.

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